What is my home worth?

I don’t believe in online “what’s my home worth?” calculators to determine the value of your home.  The value of your home is dependent upon many factors.  I will be happy to provide you a free, no-obligation assessment of your property given the current market conditions and area comparatives.

Contact me via me via the contact form below or via email or by calling me at (843) 301-7003

Listing Your Home with Marybeth

I will provide you a comprehensive assessment of your property value to establish an appropriate asking price.  Once you agree to hire me as your listing agent we would enter into a standard written agreement known as an “Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement” (a copy of which you may download here).  From there we would then begin preparing your home for showings.   Such considerations would include staging your home if it is currently vacant and unfurnished, making some minor cosmetic improvements (perhaps a little paint here and there, some minor repairs inside and out and perhaps some perking up of the landscaping to maximize curb appeal). See my list of suggested preparations below to get your home ready for a quick sale.  Once this is completed I will arrange for a photographer and perhaps a videographer to capture the selling points of your property.  Then I would go into full marketing mode.

Preparing your home for sale:

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  If the outside of your home is well kept and clean it gives the impression that your interior is maintained as well.

  • Power-wash driveways, decks and patios
  • Ensure there is no clutter (hoses, garden tools)
  • Well-groomed plants shrubs and trees
  • Inside deep cleaning – shiny floors and sparkling windows
  • Clean or replace carpeting
  • De-clutter interior spaces – less is more – remove as many knick-knacks as possible
  • Remove as many family photos as possible – envision their family in the home not yours
  • Clean out ALL closets and drawers – if necessary rent a storage unit
  • If fresh paint is needed, neutral colors are best (not white but beige, taupe, light greys, etc.)
  • Master bedroom should appeal to all
  • Make dining area appealing – accents of flowers, candles, special dishes look warm and inviting
  • Bathrooms cleaned spotless – neat and tidy
  • Put personal items away
  • Add touches – new hand towels, candles – make sure trash always emptied
  • If you have children – toys away or placed in a specific area or playroom
  • Pet odors are a turn-off – pet areas clean, pet beds cleaned and air freshener before showings
  • Stage outdoor entertaining areas as well


Marketing Your Home

First I want to make all of the other local real estate agents aware of your home, its selling points and overall value proposition (especially as compared to other similarly situated properties in the relevant price range).  I accomplish this through various means, including multiple listing service (MLS), social media, email campaigns and a real-estate-agent-only tour event.

I have a significant portfolio of paid, earned and owned media that I will use to maximize communications with engaged prospective buyers that reside online and offline.  My paid venues include search engine marketing (SEM), advertising on real estate portals such as Zillow, Trulia, and other online real estate portals.  My earned media includes various review sites where I have 5 star overall rating, social media properties and my Website (that you found and are viewing right now).  In addition to this Website, I own and manage over 100 additional Web-based marketing assets.  As appropriate, I will sometimes activate local print advertising.  I will also conduct open house events for the public as appropriate.